Prime Maldives launches 'Biolchim' products in Maldives

Two major products of Biolchim Greenleaf and Agrumax is now available.

24 June 2021
Prime Maldives launches 'Biolchim' products in Maldives

Prime Maldives has launched products from “Biolchim” to the Maldives market. 

Biochim S.p.A is an Italian company at the forefront in the production and supplying of fertilizers and biostimulants 

The two major brands of Biolchim that were made available through the Prime Maldives’ outlets are Greenleaf and Agrumax. 

Greenleaf is a high-quality fertilizer enriched with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in appropriate ratios, which can feed plants through an irrigation system or as foliar spray. Agrumax is a very high quality micronutrient fertilizer with 16% Nitroge.

 “We assure that the new products added to our shelves would help the local farmers to improve crop in terms of quality and quantity,” said Mohamed Zahid, Marketing Manager of Prime Maldives.

Zahid also noted that the local farmers are familiar with other products of Biolchim Group – in which Biolchim S.p.A is the leading company of a wider group of companies including another Italian special fertilizer manufacturer company CIFO, the Canada’s West Coast Marine Bio Processing, the hungarian potting soil and substrate manufacturer Matécsa Kft and the Italian biostimulant and fertilizer production company ILSA SpA .

Prime Maldives is the authorized distributor of Biolchim in Maldives. 


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