Hydroponics Training Session Conducted in B.Kihaadhoo

28 December 2023
Hydroponics Training Session Conducted in B.Kihaadhoo

Prime Maldives, in association with Kihaadhoo Development Society has conduct an intensive hydroponics training program in B. Kihaadhoo. This collaborative effort aimed to revolutionize farming techniques and instill eco-friendly farming techniques within local communities.

The four-day training, held from the 20th to the 23rd of December 2023, witnessed active participation from 30 enthusiastic individuals eager to delve into the realm of hydroponics. The program, conducted under the umbrella of the "Namoona Dhan’duveriyaa" initiative, is Prime Maldives' CSR endeavor dedicated to advancing farming and agricultural practices across the Maldives.

The comprehensive training covered a spectrum of essential topics, including:

  1. Introduction to Basic Agriculture: Equipping participants with fundamental knowledge essential for cultivating healthy crops.

  2. Advanced Farming Techniques: Delving into innovative methods to enhance productivity and optimize resource utilization.

  3. Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Educating farmers on holistic approaches to pest control, minimizing the use of harmful chemicals.

  4. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): Highlighting ethical and environmentally conscious farming practices to ensure high-quality produce.

A noteworthy highlight of the program was the emphasis on the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system, a hydroponic method that enables plant growth without soil, utilizing a nutrient-rich water solution. Particularly suited for greenhouse cultivation, this technique provides precise control over the plant's environment while optimizing resource usage.

Kihaadhoo Development Society has demonstrated its commitment by already building a greenhouse, fully prepared to implement hydroponic practices. They are set to embark on cucumber cultivation using the NFT system, showcasing a tangible shift towards modern and resource-efficient agricultural practices in the region.

The "Namoona Dhan’duveriyaa" program underscores Prime Maldives' commitment to fostering sustainable development and championing environmental responsibility. Prime Maldives remains steadfast in creating enduring impacts through initiatives that prioritize community well-being and environmental stewardship.

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