Prime Maldives Unites Staff in a Memorable Picnic Celebrating Team Spirit and Fun

10 June 2023
Prime Maldives Unites Staff in a Memorable Picnic Celebrating Team Spirit and Fun

Prime Maldives annual Staff picnic was held on 8th June 2023. The event, held at the beautiful Kudagiri Picnic Island, was a delightful occasion for all employees, filled with team building activities and games. As one of the sister company of Prime Maldives, Prime Fertilizers Maldives is celebrating 10th anniversary this year the picnic perfectly embodied the anniversary theme, "Inspiring Futures."

The staff picnic was a special way for Prime Maldives to acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated team members who have contributed to the company's growth. With the picturesque surroundings of Kudagiri Picnic Island as the backdrop, employees working in Male’ area gathered to commemorate the milestone and strengthen their bonds outside the workplace.

The picnic provided a refreshing break from daily routines and offered an opportunity for employees to unwind, connect, and have fun in a different environment. The day was marked by laughter, friendly competition, and a lively atmosphere that fostered camaraderie among the staff.

Mariyam Samaha, the Legal Officer at Prime Maldives, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "the picnic was full of fun, relieved stress, and provided an opportunity to get familiar with all the staff. It was a fantastic chance to spend time in a different environment and strengthen our relationships beyond work."

Ahmed Shiyaz Ibrahim, the Managing Director of Prime Maldives, expressed his satisfaction with the event, describing it as a resounding success. He said, "We are delighted to have celebrated our 10th anniversary with such a joyful staff picnic. The event not only brought our team together but also provided a platform for everyone to relax and recharge. We value the dedication and commitment of our employees, and more such events will be planned to nurture a positive and engaging work culture."

The staff picnic at Kudagiri Picnic Island showcased Prime Maldives' commitment to fostering a supportive and harmonious work environment. By organizing engaging activities and encouraging team building, the company recognizes the importance of strengthening bonds and nurturing relationships among its employees.

As Prime Maldives continues to evolve and grow, events like these underscore the organization's dedication to employee well-being and the development of a strong team spirit. Through their 10th anniversary celebration, Prime Maldives has not only inspired futures but also laid the foundation for even more success in the years to come.

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