Himoinsa - Specializes in Energy System Production

21 May 2022
Himoinsa - Specializes in Energy System Production

The Power Generation demand is constantly changing and is subjected to continuous regulations in the field of emissions and energy efficiency. The demand for energy efficient environment friendly power generation equipment has risen more than ever.

HIMOINSA is a well-known Spanish power generation equipment manufacturer and supplier established in 1982. The major shareholder of HIMOINSA is Yanamar. HIMONISA specializes in energy system production. This includes diesel and gas generators.

HIMOINSA is constantly working on the development of new generator set models with Stage V certification, both diesel and gas, in compliance furthermore with the RoHS 2 Directive, thus reducing the use of electronic materials that contain substances that pollute and harm the environment. HIMOINSA power generation equipment are tailored to each industry, including agriculture, fisheries, hospitals, commercial, and residential use.

Prime Power, Prime Enterprises recently opened outlet, will carry a selection of HIMONISA products. Prime Enterprises is the sole distributor of HIMONISA brand in the Maldives. All of the products in our store are tailored to the Maldives' specific geographical conditions. All of the parts are correctly linked, and the completed product is always tested before shipping, reducing the risk of issues. This is to make our customers use our products prolonged period of time reducing damage or repairing costs.

HIMOINSA power generation equipment are sold with 6 month’s warranty.

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