Solutus fertilizer brand introduced to Maldivian market

21 February 2022
Solutus fertilizer brand introduced to Maldivian market

Prime Maldives has introduced Solutus™ fertilizer brand to Maldivian Market. Solutus™ is a premium fertilizer brand from Behn Meyer Malaysia. Since 1840 Behn Meyer has been in the business of distribution of renowned brands with the development of its own products. Today Behn Meyer's core business units service a variety of industries including Agricare and Performance Chemicals.

Solutus™ is a high quality NPK water soluble fertilizer brand from Behn Meyer formulated with Sulphur and trace elements for Fertigation and foliar application. Currently 5 different formulations of Solutus™ is available in Maldives. Solutus™ Forge come in 30-10-10 and 20-20-20 formulations. Solutus™ Maximum formulations comes in 20-20-20, 7-12-40 and 13-40-13 formulations. This formulation is fortified with bmcatalyzer™ nutrient uptake booster to improve phosphate and cations uptake. The formulations include Nutrient Uptake Booster (NUB) and Poly Acrylic Acid (PAA).

Prime Maldives has been working continuously to provide the best solutions for Maldivian market.

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