Deli Nature - The most trusted Pet Food brand in Maldives

09 February 2022
Deli Nature - The most trusted Pet Food brand in Maldives

Pet foods have been manufactured since 1940s and today there are several manufacturing plants and marketing companies across the world producing and marketing high quality pet food. Almost all pet foods originate from animal feedstuffs. Today pet food production has become more competitive. Products are specifically developed for the custom requirements of the pet and the pet owner’s preference. Special flavoring and nutritionally well-balanced products are produced to provide a complete diet for an animal.

While pet keeping is becoming a trend in Maldives, the demand for pet food is also on the rise in Maldivian market. There are various pet food brands in the Maldivian market, but Deli Nature has become the most trusted pet Food brand in Maldives.

Deli Nature is a brand of Group Depre Pet food in Belgium. Deli Nature has its origin in the "Beyers" and "Dufky" brands. "Beyers" was founded in 1907 and was the benchmark in the world of ornamental birds and pigeons when it came to quality. Many have tried and continue to try today to match “BEYERS” quality.

In 2002 it was decided to market BEYERS and Dufky bird mixtures from then on under the Deli Nature brand: ‘Delicatesses From Nature’. BEYERS’ more than 100 years of practical experience, knowledge and know-how and Dufky’s 65 years of experience in the field of single seeds and mixtures, together with the UNIQUE production process, guarantee the superior quality of Deli Nature.

Today Deli Nature has collaborated with industry professional in product development and continuous optimization. For this Deli Nature works very closely together with universities, veterinarians, feeding experts and nutritionists and animal parks, not to forget passionate enthusiasts worldwide who share their practical experience with us piece by piece.

The production process at Deli Nature is GMP-ISO-certified. The unique cleaning process guarantees the purest mixtures on the market. Deli Nature's own laboratory, and external bodies are brought in for quality controls, so that the quality of the end products is meticulously supervised.

With all the expertise, Deli Nature success come from the customers who trust the products. Deli Nature ensures the customers get the best product, at the right time, in the right place and ar the best price for the quality.

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