"Namoona Dhanduveriya" training program conducted in L. Gan

15 December 2021

Prime Maldives has conducted an agriculture training program in L.Gan. The training program was conducted in association with Women's Development Committee of L.Gan.

The four day training program was conducted from 09th December to 12th December 2021. A total of 23 farmers and home gardeners participated and completed the training program. The program was conducted under “Namoona Dhan’duveriyaa” program initiated by Prime Maldives.

The training program covered the basics and techiniques of farming, Nutrient Management, Pestmanagement and Advanced farming techniques. During the training program Prime Maldives team did the soil test and water quality test of L.Gan. The team also visited some farms in the Island and adviced the farmers on the proper growing techniques.

"This training program is very well planned and it is a great opportunity for our farmers. The time and effort given by Prime Maldives team is invaluable" said the president of WDC Fathimath Ali.

“Namoona Dhanduveriya” program is a CSR initiative of Prime Maldives to help advance the farming and agriculture in the Maldives, delivered free as part of its philosophy of giving back to the society. According to Mr. Niyaz Ibrahim, Director of Business Development at Prime Maldives, “This opportunity is available for all communities of the country”.

So far Prime Maldives has trained 233 farmers and home gardeners under the "Namoona Dhanduveriya" program.

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