Prime Maldives Conducts Training for Farmers of Hdh. Neykurendhoo

08 October 2021
Prime Maldives Conducts Training for Farmers of Hdh. Neykurendhoo

Prime Maldives, in collaboration with the Association for Neykurendhoo Development (AND), Hdh. Neykurendhoo, conducted an agricultural training program for the farmers of the island. The program was conducted under “Namoona Dhan’duveriyaa” program initiated by Prime Maldives. The aim of the program is to create farmers whose good practices and approach to farming will help others to get inspired by them and consequently start following their footsteps as envisaged in the title of the training program “Namoona Dhan’duveriyaa” which literally means “a Role Model Farmer”.

This comprehensive three-day training program was conducted from 3rd October to 5th October 2021 at the premises of the Association for Neykurendhoo Development. Training was attended by the existing farmers of the island and as well as members of the youth community.

A total of 35 residents of the island participated and completed the training program. The training delivered by a team from Prime Maldives led by the Head of Marketing and Technical Services at Prime Maldives Mr. Mohamed Zahid.

‘We have attended few similar trainings programs in the past. However, this training is totally unique. It introduced us to modern practices of farming. We were able to touch, feel and experience the different types of fertilizers, tools and systems. We learned how to conduct important tests such as pH and EC test needed when growing plants using hydroponics systems. Soil tests were done to ascertain the quality of the soil on which we grow. Now we know the importance of an enriched soil, controlling of PH to desired level to enable a plant to grow, and many good practices and safety requirements of using fertilizers and pesticides etc.” said Mr. Ibrahim Mauooz a member of the steering committee of AND said.

“I think it’s time for us to start using modern practices to grow. I am thinking of switching to soil-less medium to grow, such as NFT hydroponic or Autopot system” said Ali Zahir, a participant of the training program.

“Prime Maldives Namoona Dhan’duveriyaa” program is a CSR initiative of Prime Maldives to help advance the farming and agriculture in the Maldives, delivered free of cost as part of its philosophy of giving back to the society. According to Mr. Niyaz Ibrahim, Director of Business Development at Prime Maldives, “This opportunity is available for all communities of the country”.

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