AutoPot – The world’s most environment friendly cost-effective growing systems

12 August 2021
AutoPot – The world’s most environment friendly cost-effective growing systems

Hydroponics is a method of growing crops in water, enriched with necessary nutrients for plant growth. Today this method of growing crop has been utilized in home gardening and commercial farms. In hydroponics, irrigation system needs to be taken care of to make sure the continuous supply of water and nutrients required by the plant.

AutoPot is an automatic irrigation system which enables the farmers or home gardeners to irrigate the plants easily. The AutoPot systems save water and nutrient up to 50% therefore AutoPot systems are classified as the world’s most environment friendly growing system. AutoPot systems does not require any electricity; it operates on the gravitational force. AutoPot is a simple to use automatic watering system that can be used either as a hydroponic system or as a traditional soil irrigation system. Indoor growing and greenhouse crops can be produced with ease.


Why use AutoPot watering systems over any other?

Energy Efficient

All AutoPot watering systems require ZERO POWER, NO PUMPS, NO MAINS WATER PRESSURE AND NO TIMERS to operate. Pressure of gravity is all that is needed from a reservoir or water barrel making AutoPot the number one choice for indoor and outdoor irrigation. The AutoPot range has surpassed all previous market leaders, guaranteed to give top results.

Cost Effective

AutoPot systems have been proven to reduce consumption of water and feed by an impressive 50%, whilst increasing yields. With increasing concerns of water conservation and the environment becoming prominent in our lives, this concept in irrigation is one that the horticultural and hydroponic world has been waiting for.

Simple To Use

The systems are undoubtedly one of the simplest to use and can be left unattended for weeks due to the capability of the AQUAvalve to deliver all that is required by the plant. AutoPot is now an international market leader in irrigation and hydroponic systems, with an established global reputation for providing durable, environmentally friendly and innovative watering solutions to a range of growing scenarios.

High Yields

The energy free AutoPot growing systems are proven by market leaders such as Growell Hydroponics, Sutton Seeds, DT Brown, Fothergills Seeds, Medwyns of Anglesey as well as some of the world’s leading fruit and vegetable suppliers. AutoPot has been proven successful in the Maldivian market.

Most Environmentally Friendly

AutoPot products are considered the most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world to both home gardening and commercial farming. The systems ensure this claim as the plant uses everything that is supplied to it; there is no loss of water, run-off or leakage!

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