Prime Maldives introduces 'Pestoff' brand in the Maldives

Two products of Pestoff are now available.

28 July 2021
Prime Maldives introduces 'Pestoff' brand in the Maldives

Prime Maldives has introduced products of the "Pestoff" brand to the Maldives market.  

Pestoff is a brand of pest control products manufactured and supplied by Animal Control Products Limited – a prominent company of New Zealand – trading under the name Orillion. 

Two products of Pestoff introduced by Prime Maldives in July 2021 are Pestoff Rodent Pellets and Pestoff Bird Control Paste.  

Pestoff Rodent Pellets is a bait that attracts and catches rodents and is ideal for either rats or mice in households, commercial or industrial applications. 

Pestoff Bird Control Paste is a bait that attracts and helps to catch pestering birds such as crows, koels, and fruit bats. 

 "Rodent and bird infestation is a common issue faced by local farmers. They cause significant damage to crops and plants. We aim to provide solutions to farmers and other customers to exterminate these pests. We found that rodent and fruit bat infestation is prevalent in many agricultural islands in the Maldives, and we believe that these products will help the local farmers eradicate this problem," said Mr. Suneel, the Logistics Manager of Prime Maldives who oversees the pest control business.

In addition to pest control service, Prime Environmental Service under Prime Maldives provides landscaping and deep cleaning service to households and commercial establishments. 

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