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Power generators and accessories

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Power generators for almost all purposes and needs, pumps, engine parts and accessories.

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The diesel generator sets by HIMOINSA is with a wide power range, from 3kVA up to 3,000kVA. They offer a safe, powerful and reliable response to increasingly demanding energy needs. The equipment can be used to supply power continuously, for peak shaving, or as emergency power in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

These diesel generator sets are ideal for boats (fishing and cargo vessels) that are used in long-haulage trips.
There's no question that lighting towers are what's required when natural light is scarce. We have a wide range of lighting towers which is can be used as makeshift or temporary floodlights for seasonal sporting events, projects, and many more.
We offer a complete range of panels and controllers for diesel and gas generators.

Our product range in this category also includes automatic transfer switch panels (ATS) which transfer power between the mains and the generator set.
A piece designed with a comprehensive electrical mechanism that allows a rapid response to the demand for power on the standby market. The HIMOINSA automatic transfer switch panels, which we offer, have a manual emergency stop and have been manufactured in compliance with required quality standards. With an amperage range of 30 to 3150 A, the HIMOINSA ATS has an IP55 protection rating which guarantees sealing and insulation levels.
We understand the importance of regular servicing and maintenance and replacing of crucial parts of your machine. Hence our product range also includes parts such as assorted size of hoses, pipes, hose clamps, filters and many more. We also sell varieties of consumables such as engine oil and lubricants.
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