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We offer prefabricated aquariums with varying sizes, designs and quality. Our range of products basically includes A-Z of choices that a hobbyist looks for.
The choices available for hobbyists cover from a simple glass bowl which you can use to keep a single goldfish to the large acrylic aquarium which can be used to house fully grown catfishes.
In addition, we also offer all the required accessories in an aquarium including, ornaments, artificial plants, gravel & substrate, live plants, hideaways, air pumps, lighting system and many more.
Research suggests that ornamental plants play important role in human health and psychology.
Our product range includes plants of varying size, texture and nature which you can use depending on your personality and the mood you want to set. Our products are carefully chosen depending on attractiveness, level of maintenance required and weather of Maldives.
We offer plant rental service for all occasions and events. Be it for a formal business function or a casual event such as weddings we can cater. We also can rent plants on monthly basis for offices.
Many of our customers feel that choosing the right food is one of the most important parts of pet ownership, which is why we offer the widest possible range of pet food for fish, birds and cats.
We have developed an extensive range of products to meet the evolving needs of our customers and are proud to sell products in every segment and category; from super premium to economy, from single serving to bulk packs.
Our products have been carefully chosen to ensure they meet the needs of our discerning customers and their pets. They are always of the highest quality and contain all the nutrients and vitamins that pets need to keep them happy and healthy.
We provide a full range of landscaping services to customers with land spaces such as government agencies, hotels, and resorts. Our team of professionals provides regular maintenance of your lawn and gardens and specializes in irrigation services and water management. Our team can design and plant a new landscape, and install hardscaping and lighting.
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